Melanie Hemry

A published author and ghostwriter with over 30 years in the industry, Melanie’s works include six books under her own name and 48 books she has ghostwritten, including Jerry Falwell: His Life and Legacy. She has also published hundreds of magazine articles.


I’ve been blessed to write half a dozen books (not counting nearly 50 ghostwritten books!) that have been published. I thank God for every message He has laid upon my heart…and for every reader who enjoys it.


Many authors love teaming up with me on their project–whether it’s from the very beginning or after a first draft is completed–to help with content, editing and looking at their publishing options.


Not everyone has the time to write their books or articles on their own. God has blessed me with the ability to take others’ teaching and write it in their voice–so their message reaches new and hungry audiences.


There’s almost nothing I love more than helping new writers gain their footing. Everyone has a story to tell that can bless the world. Together, we can make that happen.

Need a Lifeline?

Right now, you may be hurting, either physically, mentally or emotionally.   You may feel like life has stepped on your last nerve and you don’t have…
Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading

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