Published Articles Sampling

  • Guideposts October 2017 “Guided by Faith” by Cathy Lewan.
  • Guideposts 2015 “The Rescuer” by Randy Mize.
  • Positive Thinking, “Finish the Race” excerpted from A Healing Touch, by Melanie Hemry, October, 2006.
  • Guideposts, “Riding the Storm” Ghostwritten for Tom Magnuson, Feb. 2005
  • Guideposts, “Bridge Collapse on I-40” Ghosted for Alton Wilhoit.
  • Guideposts, “One Simple Lesson.” Ghostwritten for missionary survivor Gracia Burnham. July, 2003.
  • Guideposts, “Drawing on Faith,” January, 1995: Ghostwritten for famous B.C. cartoonist Johnny Hart.
  • Guideposts, “The Dragon and the Preacher,” September, 1998: Ghostwritten for Johnny Lee Clary, former High Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Guideposts, “Riding the Storm.” Ghosted for Tom Magnuson.
  • Guideposts, “On the I-40 Bridge.” Ghosted for Alton Wilhoit. November, 2004.
  • Guideposts, “The Ride Of My Life,” May, 2001: Ghostwritten for Ron Childers.
  • Guideposts, “Doctor In Waiting,” January, 2001: Ghostwritten for Leslie Smith.
  • Luminaros, “God, Did You Forget Me?” June, 1995: Reprint in Spanish of Marija Topalovic’s story.
  • Guideposts, “God, Did You Forget Me?” September, 1994: Ghostwritten for Marija Topalovic.
  • Guideposts, “Now Winston Wears Shoes,” December, 1992.
  • Guideposts, “Saving a Life—Mine!” October, 1992: Ghostwritten for Pat Pathkiller.
  • Guideposts, “I’ll Never Forget You Grandma Lewis,” October, 1991: Ghostwritten for Bill Trimper.
  • Guideposts, “Free Me From My Wrath,” May, 1992: Ghostwritten for Brooks Douglass.
  • Focus On The Family, “Families On A Roll,” February, 1991.
  • Guideposts, “The Quiet People,” April, 1990.
  • Guideposts, “Grandma’s House,” March, 1990: Ghostwritten for Ruth Dowdell.
  • Byline, “Breaking Into The Inspirational Market.”
  • Guideposts, “My Good and Faithful Friends,” November, 1988: Ghostwritten for Mary Gladys Baker.
  • Guideposts, “The Man in the Tree,” March, 1988: Ghostwritten for Delta Ralls. Also included in a Guideposts book.
  • American Journal of Nursing, “Cardiac Rehab: Still Running or Standing Still?” September, 1988.
  • Guideposts, “The Case of the Mailman and the Invisible Shield,” March, 1987: Ghostwritten for Mike Bigler.