Melanie Hemry is a speaker who will stir your heart and leave you hungry for more of God. She will share true experiences and sound biblical doctrine to pave the way to a closer walk with the Lord. Melanie will inspire you to move from being one of the multitudes who listened to Jesus, to His disciple and, finally, show you how to become a friend of God. Her timeless messages are perfect for women’s conferences, retreats, mixed singles and any group that is hungry for a refreshing, uplifting word.

Inspirational Topics

Limitless Life

Do you ever feel exhausted pushing against the walls of limitations that have boxed you inside?   You may be limited by your gender–that glass ceiling that only allows you to move so far up the corporate ladder.   You may be limited by your education, your income or the color of your skin.

Yet somewhere deep inside you lay the ashes of your dreams.   You know, the ones the world told you were impossible.   In this message, Melanie Hemry will teach you how to breathe life on the embers of your forgotten dreams and live life without limitations.

Living with Certainty in an Uncertain World

The world can be a scary place sometimes.   Plagued with terrorist attacks, biological warfare, AIDS, school massacres, child abuse and domestic violence, there’s no question about it–we’re living in uncertain times.

But that doesn’t mean you have to live your life with uncertainty.   In this message, Melanie Hemry will show you how to turn the tables on terror, stop derailing your destiny and trust in certain promises for uncertain times.

For Such a Time as This

It’s no mistake that you were born into this–the greatest time in the history of the world! God not only called you from the deep and formed you, wonderfully, in your mother’s womb, He also chose the year, month, day, hour and moment you took your first breath. You were allowed to live in the season of history when God fulfilled His promise to make Israel a nation once again.

Of all the times in history, like Esther, you were born for such a time as this. Your life has a purpose. Let Melanie Hemry show you how to find it and fulfill it!

Glory Makers

Many believers claim that they want to experience the glory of God.   But do you know what it is?   What does it look like?   How will you recognize it?

After hearing Melanie’s life-changing message, the “glory of God” will be more than a phrase.   It will become an experience as she unmasks the truth behind these words: Christ in you , the hope of glory.

Writing Topics

Art of the Interview

There is an art to getting a good interview. In this session, Melanie will share tips she’s learned over 30 years and hundreds of interviews. From how to avoid recording and equipment failures to key questions you’ll always want to ask, Melanie will teach you how to become masterful at interviewing.

Writing Other People’s Stories: How to Be a Ghostwriter

Becoming a successful ghostwriter involves a lot more than capturing the person’s voice, although that’s a must. It’s more than capturing their message. You’ve also got to capture their heart. And get it all on the page. This class will cover the basics of how to bid a job, contractual concerns and how to build a successful ghostwriting career.

How to Build a Successful Freelance Writing Career

In this power-packed session, you’ll learn the building blocks you need to create a successful and long-lasting career as a freelance writer.