Right now, you may be hurting, either physically, mentally or emotionally.   You may feel like life has stepped on your last nerve and you don't have the energy to fight back.   I remember when I was in a winter season of my life and my days seemed dark and dreary.   The voice of the Lord cut through my consciousness and I heard these words.

What if it's not all your fault?

That was a startling concept to me because I had never considered that the darkness that threatened to overwhelm me might not be my fault.   That question gave me the inner strength to find the joy of the Lord and the delicious peace that He offers.

But, what if it is your fault?   What if your choices have brought this situation upon you?   I seriously doubt that is the case, but what if it were?

Here's the truth: It doesn't matter. Jesus looked eons ahead and saw your need.   He saw your sin.   He saw your tears.   He felt your pain.   And He bore it on the cross for you.

And for me.

And for all of a hurting world.

That means there is no sin so grievous that God will not forgive.   There is no darkness so black that He will not shine the light of His great love to dispel it.   There is no abyss so deep that He cannot reach out to rescue you.

You may have known Him once.   Perhaps you met Him as a child, but somehow you lost your way.   Or perhaps you never knew you had a Savior.

The main thing is that you need Him now.

Don't give up on life.   Don't give up on your dreams.   God will heal your life and resurrect your dreams.

He's still in the resurrection business!

He has slowed his pace to match your stride.   He has collected all of your tears.   He will bring something beautiful of your life if you only give Him the pieces.

How will He do it?   I don't know; that's God's problem.   But I promise you that He isn't in a sweat over it!  

Here's the thing: You have to start somewhere and sometime.   Why not here and now?   Pray this prayer loud enough that you can hear yourself say it.

Father God, according to the Bible, you created me in my mother's womb.   I want to thank you for that, and for all the things you've done for me that I might not have recognized.   I don't need to tell you about the mistakes I've made in my life.   But I do need to say thank you for sending your Son to pay the eternal price for my sin.  

The Bible says that if I'm not ashamed to acknowledge Jesus before men, that Jesus will acknowledge me before the Father.   So I want to say that I believe that Jesus is the Son of God.   I believe that He lived a sinless life and died on a cross to pay the penalty for my sin.   He rose from the grave and now sits at Your right hand.   I ask Jesus to live in me and be my Lord and Savior.   Please change me from the inside out.   Heal me spirit, soul and body.   Please put all the broken pieces of my life back together and resurrect my dreams.   Show me Your plan for my life and give me the grace to fulfill it.   I ask this in Jesus' name.   Amen.

Welcome to my world!   You've just begun the most exciting journey on earth.   Now find yourself a good local church.   You want to find a church that teaches the Bible, and you want to be surrounded by people who will pray for you.   Submit yourself to God, learn the weapons of your warfare and make the devil sorry he ever messed with you.   But mostly, just watch what God will do!

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