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Melanie has the unique gift to serve in the healing of people both physically and spiritually.   A Healing Touch reminds me that God has put us all in a mission field and we have to allow Him to use us in miraculous ways - and all through the power of prayer! Her personal nursing stories have been an inspiration to me as I work and minister in the Hollywood entertainment industry mission field.   Thanks Melanie!
Karen Covell
TV Producer
Author, The Day I Met God and How To Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out

I love to find a book that is important for the NOW season of life that we are journeying through in the earth realm. Being involved in the prayer movement for 20 years or so, I love when I run across a new, creative tool that will help in motivating people to believe in the miracle of prayer.  A Healing Touch : Real Life Accounts of the Power of Prayer by Melanie Hemry accomplishes both of those quests. Not only is this one of the most enjoyable books that I have read in a very long time, but the HEART CHECK Sheet at the end of each chapter, is likened to a physical examination of the spirit of man. This will allow us to be "fit" and prepared for the future ahead. "The spirit of man will sustain his infirmity..." and Melanie in  A Healing Touch makes sure that our spirit is touched and more alive at the end of the book than when we first began reading!
Chuck D. Pierce
President, Glory of Zion International, Inc.
Vice President, Global Harvest Ministries

I'd like to introduce you to a book by Melanie Hemry called, The Healing Touch .   What I love about it is that, as a registered nurse, Melanie knows about physical healing but she's also a wonderful Christian who understands spiritual healing.

I really enjoyed the chapter about finishing the course.   It's amazing.   Here you have nurses running in a race and a guy just drops dead right in front of about being in the right place, at the right time!   Melanie has had many experiences that will bless you and I hope her book ministers as much to you as it ministered to me.

Melanie has been such a blessing to my ministry over the years.   She's one of the finest authors we've had the opportunity to work with.   She's written many articles for my ministry and we have been pleased with every one.

So, sit down and get yourself a cup of coffee because, not only are you about to read a good book about healing, but you are also about to be inspired to reach out and spiritually touch a person for God.   After this book, you'll understand why God called Melanie Hemry to minister to us in this matter.  Enjoy!"
Dr. Jesse Duplantis

"I L-O-V-E-D this book. Every story brought me to tears and reminded me of the power of the God we serve plus the responsibility that we as Christians hold in our daily lives! Have you arrived at a defining moment in your life where you screamed inside "Oh no! What do I do? What do I do?" Has there been a crisis when someone's literal survival seemed completely in your fragile hands? Do you feel hopeless or fear God is too busy to answers your prayers? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you must read Melanie Hemry's book "Intensive Caring (or current title) this very moment. First of all you will NOT be able to put it down. You will be engrossed by every word on every page. Melanie tugs at your heartstrings, takes your breath away, then brings you back joyfully as she reveals the awesome power of a very real personal God who does indeed still intervene in miraculous ways at the exact moment His children call on His name. Hemry not only shares unbelievable true stories, she also compels her reader to stop being casual with our prayers. Our world is in critical condition. It is desperate for Christians willing to stand up and throw out the Lifeline. Don't freeze up and let the casualties pile up around you. Allow Hemry to show you how you too can offer effective prayers that bring about dramatic change in the lives of those around you."
Victorya Michaels Rogers   , Author/Speaker
"Finding a Man Worth Keeping"

"According to the prophets, we are now entering the "day of the saints."  This means that the power of God will be manifested throughout our communities by ordinary believers, not superstars.  How can this be?  In this extraordinary book, Melanie Hemry pulls back the curtain of real life and shows us that God is actually doing it.  Her book will build your faith and set you on a fruitful path!"
C. Peter Wagner
Chancellor, Wagner Leadership Institute

I love Melanie Hemry's book, A Healing Touch !   I devoured it and couldn't put it down.   I did not expect it to challenge and change me as it did.    What a surprise to realize that this was more than a great book.   It is a book of parables with a Heart Check key to each one. Chapter by chapter I was led into a deeper place in God, hungry for MORE.   I became eager to be used by Him in prayer and in my daily life.   I was changed in a significant way, not just wishing I could know Him and be used by Him, but actually doing it!   I look forward to sharing A Healing Touch with others.
Rebecca Goen Stough, M.D.

This is a noisy world with many loud voices. Melanie has reminded us that only God's voice brings life! Through her medical experiences, gift of writing, humor and personal encounters with God, she has powerfully challenged all of us to hear Him daily for ourselves. Besides all that, it's fun to read! It's like ER with Godly insight!
Dr. John Benefiel
Chairman, Oklahoma Apostolic Prayer Network
Founder and Senior Pastor, Church on the Rock, OKC

" A Healing Touch is masterfully done.  An exceptionally gifted writer, Melanie Hemry explains not only how we can be a part of God's healing process for the hurting, but perhaps more importantly makes us want to.  A truly inspiring book!"   Pastor Dutch Sheets, author of the best-selling book  Intercessory Prayer .

Melanie Hemry crosses the boundaries between medical healing and spiritual healing-a boundary that is all too often neglected. Her story is a humble reminder that what we are going through at this point in our lives may be no more than a time of refinement that is preparing us for the true task God has planned for us. Melanie offers practical tips on how to best know whether we're staying on that course that God has outlined for us-a set of check points to help us reassess where we stand in regards to the Lord's will for our life. A Healing Touch is a perfect guideline for either individual study or group fellowship
David Holland, MD
Physician, Author, Television Guest

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