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Anointing for Healing >

Melanie Hemry and Gina Lynnes share personal experiences and testimonies of people miraculously healed by a powerful God who still works in our lives today. Even when the situation seemed hopeless, God intervened to heal a sick baby, a child with autism, a woman with Lou Gehrig's disease, a pianist with multiple sclerosis and others. This combination of amazing stories and powerful Scripture verses to pray will leave you in awe and wonder over the great love of God.


Anointing for Loved One's Salvation >

What does the Minister of Defense for the Black Panthers have in common with an atheist from Communist Russia, a lawless biker, a Buddhist and a drug-addicted orphan? They all needed a savior. This book will stir the reader's faith to pray for the lost, and each story is an affirmation that no one is too hard a case for God.


Anointing for Children >

The devil is out to get our children. From barrenness to praying the prodigal home, this book offers true stories and spiritual truths that brought life to barren wombs, freedom to a young man captured by the Moonies and life to a suicidal rock star. It will help parents and grandparents learn how to navigate children of all ages through dangerous waters and bring them home to God and their families.


Anointing for Protection >

These are perilous times, but the same God who delivered Daniel out of the lion's den offers the anointing for protection today. Read astounding testimonies of soldiers on the front lines in Iraq, a grandmother attempting to run an orphanage in war-torn Uganda, a man who survived a plane crash and a woman kidnapped and locked in the trunk of her car. Their stories, along with a list of supporting scriptures, will stir your faith to pray for protection.


A Healing Touch: The Power of Prayer

Somewhere in the world, a hurting soul contemplates suicide.   A mother weeps at the loss of her child.   A family struggles to survive.

You've seen the evil depicted on the evening news.   Each day, there are wars, tragedies and heartache.   You ask yourself, "Where is God?"   He's waiting for you to pray so that He can act.

In A Healing Touch , Melanie Hemry will show you how to heal a hurting world, comfort the mourning, and intervene in the lives of people who need help--all from your knees.   Through poignant stores and years of real life experience, Hemry will give you a crash course in prayer for a hurting world.   If you've ever wondered what intercessory prayer was meant to be, if you've ever thought that there must be something more that Christians should be doing to bring the light of God to the world, or if you just want a deeper walk with God, this book will revolutionize your attitude toward prayer and its role in your life.

Hugs for Single Moms

A gentle touch, a reassuring smile, words of warm encouragement--these are just a few of the gifts that moms give every day.   And when that mm is a single mom, her courage, commitment and determination shine doubly bright in every gift of herself.

This uplifting book is filled with warm hugs of appreciation for the solo mom and all the love she shares every day of her life.   Author Melanie Hemry shares heartwarming stories of moms whose devotion and commitment support their children through all the phases of life, along with inspirational messages that tell Mom how valued she is.   Personalized scriptures express God's love on a personal level, and short uplifting quotes encourage and bless.

Give the gift that will let these special moms know they're appreciated for all they do.   Give her a warm hug of lasting encouragement.

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